Deviant Hoodie

Deviant Hoodie was a hoodie sold in deviantArtGEAR shop.


Our DEVIANT. t-shirt was such a hit, please welcome its colder-weather counterpart, the DEVIANT. hoodie. Proudly display your status on your favorite art community for all the world to see. AND you can wear this hoodie in two distinct styles! You can brood with the hood pulled over your head, shading your face like a true misunderstood artist or generally cold person, OR you can make room for your creative thinking cap and wear the hood carelessly lopped down your back, as you scream, "Here I am, world! Take me or leave me! And, no, my head is not cold! I'm actually quite comfortable!" And you will be, too, in this soft cotton blend that envelops you like a warm hug. Now available in men's and women's sizes!


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$15 1200 ? -

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