DeviantART T-Shirt Design

deviantART T-Shirt Design is a T-shirt sold in deviantGEAR shop.


Thank you everybody that voted for me!! It is an honour that I won! Thank you!!!

My entry for the deviantWEAR T-Shirt design contest. Everything was drawn by me freely. I went for a simple, yet effective design which I hope carries out all the requirements listed in the competition. This design is aimed towards all ages. I made use of deviantART's logo, but retained some of the main aspects of deviantART such as Fella, emoticons, points and artistic tools.

If you could see yourself wearing this, please click the 'I'd Wear This!' button that pops up in front of the deviation in the contest gallery, and also at the top of this page. If you choose to, I'd be honoured.

I hope you like my design and you vote for me!

deviantART logo, Fella, emoticons and points are all © deviantART 2011


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$15 1200 - -
$14 1120 - -

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