DVNT is a jacket sold in deviantGEAR shop.


Writers, get your pencils up! This track jacket is made perfectly for the scribes out there, the authors, the poets, the scriveners scrawling their fingers to the bone to reach their word counts.

We know there’s nothing more inspirational than a crisp day outside and that writing in a warm room is just a little too inviting of a quick nap right there on your desk. So bundle up while you’re exercising your muse with our DVNT Track Jacket. It’s softer, snugglier, and safer than warming yourself by a fire of first drafts. Promise.


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$48 3840 - -
$35 2800 - -
$26.25 2100 2012-07-21 25% off ALL Bags, Hoodies, and Jackets
$33.60 2688 - Clearance

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