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DEVlANT (real name Martin) was a devious technology staff member and worked as a QA tester. DEVlANT has been a Deviant since March 19th, 2008, and since then has grown to become one of the leading Staff members in breaking things. He has received four Daily Deviations in his time, all with a relation to the Emoticons category, receiving two in 2008 and two in 2009. He has yet to receive another.

DEVlANT endorses a range of different forms of art and technical work. He is most commonly known for his emoticon art, however, he also participates in categories such as Photography, Animation, Skins and Scripts, Vectors, Digital Drawings (particularly enjoy Muro), Traditional Drawings, 3D Modelling, Flash Games, Journal Skins and finally Pixel art.

Art FormsEdit


DEVlANT does not participate in professional photography. His photo-based work normally consists of quirky pictures of himself or Staff members tha are used for promoting Devious events such as Devmeets they participated in or ID's that he has taken of himself. His extressions are normally silly and unprofessional, which is ironic due to his nature of managing to break the site several times over.


DEVlANT's emoticon gallery is what has flourished most during his being at deviantART, receiving the most artistic praise and attention while also receiving four Daily Deviations (also being his only Daily Deviations). His emotes normally contain extremely difficult and complex animations, along with a shiny coat over themselves to give them a glossy feeling. They normally have exagurated expressions that are cute and quirky, similar to his Photography.


  • His page states he has -47 years of premium membership, which is either something he has done himself or an inside joke between the staff.
  • His username is not with a capital "i". His username is spelt with capitals until you reach the letter "L", making him look as if his username reads "Deviant".
  • DEVlANT's page consisted of many bug-like oddities while he was an admin, including an "About Us" section originally intended for groups at the bottom of his gallery section.


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