DA Cursive T-Shirt -- Black

dA Cursive T-Shirt -- Black is a T-shirt sold in deviantGEAR shop.


dA Cursive The black T-Shirt canvas of this typographical print has strong contrasting color values, making it an exciting and dramatic piece. It's fun to produce the words we say in beautiful written form. This piece is based in a cursive script that is old in tradition, but fashioned in an expressive modern way. You can see the energy in the mark and spatterings left behind.

This design is also available as dA Cursive T-Shirt -- Blue and as a dA Cursive Headphone Hoodie!

Staff Favorite: “The core message here is simple - deviantART - but the script and the blotches and squiggles make it work extremely well. They’d work great on their own or under an unbuttoned shirt. The color works great too. It's simple, but powerful. It hits just the right spot for me.” -- $allixsenos


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$18 1440 2012-11-15 Starting price

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