Cursive Headphone Hoodie

Cursive Headphone Hoodieis a hoodie sold in deviantARTGear shop.


The energy and gesture of the written word will hopefully come through as you listen to the lyrics of the music resounding in this hoodie.

Staff Favorites: I like a lot of simplicity in t-shirts and this one is a great example of how simple design really works. The use of a single colour on the black background keeps the focus on the text, while the use of the really nice flowing style really emphasises the word "devaintART", all framed in the splatter effect emphasising the art aspect. These sort of shirts make people look at them, read them and then ask "What is deviantART?" giving you the chance to explain it to them and introduce them to the site. -- $dxd


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$60 4800 2012-11-15 Starting price

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