Cubist Wishes

Cubist Wishes is an item sold in deviantArtGEAR shop.


Thank you to everyone who commented, favourited, voted and all that AMAZING jazz. I appreciate beyond belief all the support I've gotten. Seriously. THANK YOUUUUUU <3 I love every single one of you in the most lovingly loving way.

Cubist wishes was my first attempt at more abstract art, even more so my first attempt at cubism. What my brain of mine has collected about cubism is that it is about real seeing, we do not see one still image in life. The time lines of our lives are not strings of clothespins and Polaroids, they are fluid movements actively changing and constantly in motion. So "cubist wishes" is what fell out of my mind and onto my drawing tablet, along with the geometric shapes that come with the territory. Humans being the most fascinating subject to me, I saw a girl finding a wishing flower and blowing her wishes out into the wind while her hair flows with it. And the blues were supposed to be a representation of the calmness of that moment for her. And I also thought blue is a pretty unisex colour. So enjoy the bag/design, and go make magical flower wishes as you swim through your fluid little time line of life.

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Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$38 3040  ? -

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