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September 2, 2009

ClefairyKid was a Community Volunteer for the Pixel Art gallery. Joined deviantART in 2008 on previous accounts and created this one in 2009. Ran the news article series Where is the Devious Love? from 2011 to 2013. Featured in the ABCs of Deviants series and in the Project Educate for DeviantArt Related 2013 . Became a senior in December 2011, and then became a Community Volunteer in June 2012. Recieved her first Daily Deviation in 2011 for her Stamp "dA Love ", her second also in 2011 for her Icon "Rainbow Rose " and her third in 2011 for her macro photography "Sapphire ". Co-hosted the Pixel Art gallery's Project Educate for 2012.

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