Batter Up

Batter Up was a T-shirt sold in deviantGEAR shop.


Whether you're lacing up your cleats and headed to the nearest diamond or simply want to rock fashionable 3/4" sleeves behind your monitor, our new "Batter Up" design is here for you.

Wear it ...

  • as you argue with the umpire
  • on your first date to the amusement park
  • while stealing second
  • while stealing second during the next big dAmn event

"Batter Up" doesn't discriminate. It's a shirt for all occasions. Hurry, get "Batter Up" before it's going, going, GONE!

Made from a SUPER SOFT poly-cotton (50% polyester/50% cotton) blend.


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$20 1600  ? -
$15 1200  ? -

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