An Original Vector of Fella, the deviantART mascot, under a symbol representing the ban

Banned Deviants are the counterpart to Deactivated Accounts, with the likeness being that their username is crossed out. Before being banned, a Deviant would have to cause several small violations to the ToS or some rather large violations in order to be removed from site. Once banned, you may apply for a Ban Appeal, but only in very rare cases are Deviants let off with this. Once banned, the user is blocked from commenting, favouriting, uploading, chatting, posting on the forums, starting forum threads, giving badges, joining groups, creating groups, voting on polls, writing journals, buying points, spending points, donating points, giving critiques and several other main site features. You are still able to log into your account and check your messages, normally Deviation stacks.

Bans are the permanent versions of Suspensions. Although it is usually against the policies, these are usually worked around with a sockpuppet account used to evade a ban.
Da user banned

A user's profile after being banned.

The bans from comments Are: Alternate account for currently banned member, Suspension evasion account, 13 Years old, Submission of some material, Using someone's account, unacceptable commentary, lewd commentary, same IP, Minimum age, COPPA requriments.

You may be able to go to contact help desk to be unbanned.

You are also able to be banned for, insulting multiple times, posting mature pictures without a mature warning.