Art Not Bombs Headphone Hoodie

Art Not Bombs Headphone Hoodieis a hoodie sold in deviantARTGear shop.


Art Not Bombs Art Not Bombs is a response to the world's seeming obsession with war and violence. Instead of using weapons, we can use our creative talents and voices to express powerful ideas with a bombardment of creative tools. This sleek fighter jet design shows a collection of artistic supplies laid out in a striking composition, ready for the next creative engagement.

This design is also available as Art Not Bombs T-Shirt -- Blue!

Learn more about the artistic process behind creating Art Not Bombs !

Staff Favorite: "It's a great visual take on the old 'make love not war' quote. When creativity hits, it's often like an explosion of talent just hitting you in the face." -- $Ikue

  • Headphones built right into the hood drawstrings!
  • Machine washable (line dry only)
  • Comes with additional earbud tips.
  • Works with any device that has a standard headphone jack.
  • Device plugs into hidden cord in the pocket.
  •  For more about the sound quality, visit HB3 Technology 's site. 


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$60 4800 2012-11-15 Starting price

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