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August 14

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Beta Tester




United States


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March 31st, 2008

Animoo is a deviantART Anime and Manga artist who has been a Deviant since March 31st, 2008. She has currently received a fairly large following of over one thousand watchers and continues to update.

Animoo is generally seen as a Deviant who has a personality which either you love or hate, meaning that generally she can be an annoyance to some, however, Animoo generally keeps an all-round positive attitude to both her personality and the opinions of her personality. She generally enjoys her art and is known to make remarks about her art (jokingly) about her being quite good in her own opinion, however, she is extremely open to critique.

Throughout her time on the site, she has also received a fan club simply named the Animoo-FC and has received a lot of art regarding her Original Characters. She shows an extremely positive attitude to all fan art given to her of her characters and also shows she loves her characters very much.

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